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This page has all the contact details for our Utrecht, Zeist and Doorn locations.

Three locations, one hospital

The Diakonessenhuis hospital in Utrecht is the city’s main hospital. It’s located close to the city centre, in the Utrecht Oost district. Our regional hospital is in Zeist, surrounded by nature. The nursing wards offer lots of privacy, and there is a restaurant. Our outpatient clinic in Doorn is in the middle of the Heuvelrug forest, near Utrecht.

Address, directions an how to contact us by location

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Routes at the hospital

Every outpatient clinic or ward at the hospital has its own route number. Follow the number signs to find your clinic or ward. At the Utrecht and Zeist locations, there are signs by the entrance that show all the departments and routes. In Doorn, the person at the reception desk can tell you where to go.